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Interdisciplinary Journal on Human Development, Culture and Education
Revista Interdisciplinar de Desenvolvimento Humano, Cultura e Educação

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Tikunakids / Crianças Tikuna
Aldeia Filadelfia
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Number 2, June, 2001
Número 2, Junho, 2001 

The second issue of CEPAOS Review presents an essay by Michel Serres written specially for
our publication. In it, Serres summarizes his work of a lifetime dedicate to understand the works
and the value of scientific knowledge in its historical and contemporary dimensions (one implies
the other) and in their fundamental relationships to the works of human cultures across time and
space, to the domain of the Humanities and the Arts. The present work is a proposal for the
renewal of Higher Education by amplifying its scope and meaning, looking at the past as a
condition for building a better future in a time of profound changhes in our technological and
cultural universe. It announces a new paideia for a new time: one that recovers the historical depth
of knowledge and of the human adventure.

The Editor

by Michel Serres

copyright (c) 2001  Centro de Estudos e Pesquisas Armando de Oliveira Souza CEPAOS 
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