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Interdisciplinary Journal on Human Development, Culture and Education
Revista Interdisciplinar de Desenvolvimento Humano, Cultura e Educação

ISSN: 1533-6476

Tikunakids / Crianças Tikuna
Aldeia Filadelfia
BenjaminConstant, Amazonas, Brasil
photo (c)  Marcelo Lima

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Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje
La Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje es una entidad con fines sociales y científicos que promueve la investigación, la intervención social, la formación y la difusión en el ámbito de las ciencias humanas. Entre sus actividades ocupa un lugar destacado la vertiente editorial. 

Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje in Madrid, Spain, is an organization with social and scientific aims working in the field of human science. It seeks to promote research work, social intervention, training, and spreading knowledge within this field. Among its many interests, publishing is one of its most salient activities.
february 2002

Nijmegen Cultural Psychology Group

From the group's manifesto:
"Cultural psychology tries to break through traditional epistemological boundaries that divide the person from his or her life-world, mind from body and mental states from human action. It can be viewed as an attempt to provide a theory of meaningful action that takes into account that meaning is both socially constituted and at the same time embodied in concrete, human activity. Consensually coordinated actions, for example, produce dispositions to think, feel and act in such
a way that existing relations of power and influence are reproduced. Cultural psychology therefore, tries to understand the influence of class, sex and ethnicity in the psychological domain."
february 2002

The homepage of Carl Ratner

Cultural-psychologist Carl Ratner writings (full-texts) on activity theory, cultural-historical psychology, Vygotsky, and information on his books.
february 2002

The Institute for Education Policy Studies

"is an independent Radical Left/Socialist/ Marxist institute for developing analysis of education policy. It also seeks to develop Marxist education theory, analysis and policy  development. It critiques global, national, neo-liberal, neo-conservative, New Labour, Third Way, and postmodernist analyses and policy and attempts to develop democratic socialist/Marxist transformative policy for  schooling and education. It was set up in 1989 and hosted the formation of the Hillcole Group of  Radical Left Educators. It also organises national conferences."
october 2001

Human Nature

"This web site has been set up with the broad aim of bringing into communication the variety of approaches to the understanding of human nature which have a regrettable tendency to be less in touch with one another than they might.  We will make welcome writings and discussions on history, philosophy and social studies in the human sciences; Darwinian scholarship; evolutionary psychology, sociobiology and debates about them; cognitive psychology;  neuropsychology, modularity; narrative approaches; hermeneutics; verstehen; biography and autobiography;
behavioural genetics; psychoanalytic and psychodynamic approaches and so on. This list of topics and disciplines is meant to be suggestive, not exhaustive." Site by Robert M. Young, Editor, and Ian Pitchford, Managing Editor. A wealth of scientific and humanistic literature!
october 2001

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